Waterfall away from the city

Who doesn’t want to get away from the city noise and all the responsibilities? If you are looking for a place where you can get away for one day and enjoy, than this blog is for you.
This place is non like the others because you can completely enjoy its silence and its uniqueness. It is located a couple of km away from the village Kuchkovo. Because it’s pretty far away you’ll need to take 2 buses: 22 and 164. As soon as you reach to the last station turn on the GPS and follow the directions (this waterfall can be found on the Google Maps). The walk is about 1 and a half hour but the route is easy ( I can not tell that when you go back). First you’ll walk through a wood and after that only, just only cliffs and rocks. I was amazed that a place like this existed in my country. Oh, I forgot to mention that at some places you walk on sand. Before we found the waterfall, we saw a couple of people riding a motocross bikes, so if you want adrenaline, this is the perfect location.
Finally we found the waterfall and we reached our destination successfully. It was worth it because the place is so beautiful and quite.
This is a destination where I want to go back for sure.

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