Picnic by the Lake Mladost, Veles

Veles is about 1 hour from the capital city Skopje, Macedonia. There are several options for transportation: by car, by bus or by train. I recommend going by train because in that way you can see more of the nature. As soon as you get to Veles, take a moment and explore the city! There is a main street where you can find everything you want, like: Coffee bars, Ice cream shops, Pizza places, restaurants, clothing shops, and the fun part is that you don’t need taxi to get there. But, you will need a taxi for the Lake Mladost. It’s not too far, it’s like 10 min drive so you can get to see the whole city in one day. Nearby the Lake Mladost there are restaurants (one on a ship) where you can eat and enjoy the beauty. For those who want to seat and relax or have its own barbecue there are picnic places.
I recommend having a picnic in here by the lake.


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